Longer Encounters (Runewild Preview)

I’m still hard at work cranking out stretch goal encounters for the Runewild Campaign Setting. Thanks to our 400+ backers, we’ll be adding 50 more encounters to the Runewild. Fun locations are the bread-and-butter of any sandbox campaign, so I’m delighted to add 50% more of them to the setting!

What’s more, three of the 50 extra encounters will be longer, fully mapped locations suitable for an entire session (or more) of game play. I have seven of these larger encounters sketched out, but we’re letting backers decide which ones get developed.

If you’re a backer, you can vote on which encounters you’d like to see here. If you’re not a backer, let me know what you think in the comments. And if these encounters seem like your jam but you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can pre-order the Runewild now!

Tomb of the Feathered Serpent

The thrushkin built this tomb centuries ago to safeguard the bones of a previous incarnation of their god, the Feathered Serpent. Abandoned when a dragon drove the thrushkin from Feather Lake, the shrine may hold the very magic the bird-folk need to reclaim their home. An avian-themed deathtrap dungeon.

The Crypts of Maythorn Dun

A wicked fey lord is imprisoned in the crypts beneath an ancient Runish keep, along with the ghosts of his three mortal brides. Will the PCs align themselves with one of the brides, their vengeful father, or the fey lord himself?

Sweet-Tooth Keep

During the Witch Wars, a hag named Doddy Sweet-Tooth built a castle to rival the greatest Aruandan stronghold. Sweet-Tooth Keep stood until the young Queen Esmerelda and her companions burnt it to the ground. Honey golems, swarms of ginger-bread men, and a hungry troll now prowl the melted ruins.

Dame Briar’s Bower

A fey lord named Dame Briar once served as an assassin for mortals seeking vengeance. Now, she kills for anyone who offers her a drop of blood. Can the PCs survive the maze of thorns that stands between them and Dame Briar’s inner sanctum?

The Goodwife Tree

A witch may live a thousand years, but the Goodwife Tree has outlasted them all. The witch who controls the tree can grant her lovers eternal life (of a sort), but only if they first brave the dangers found within the tree itself.

The Witch of East-Doom

One of the Runewild’s greatest secrets isn’t within the forest, but beneath it. The gnomes of Deepdoom Hall have toiled unseen for centuries, and now their tunnels stretch the entirety of the Runewild. The just Queen Firba rules the western half of Deepdoom Hall, while her wicked twin sister Abrif controls the Hall to the east. Can the PCs infiltrate Queen Abrif’s stronghold and put an end to her evil magic?

The House in the Clouds

A silver chain reaches into the sky, its far end hidden inside a cloud that hangs above the tree tops. To placate her foul-tempered son, a hag named Mother Spriggins fills his floating cottage with treasures stolen from across the Runewild. Mother Spriggins’ recent spoils include an animated harp, a flying horse, and Prince Kumo, the future king of the werefox enclave of Foxhall!

Author: niznocspeaks

William Fischer is a creator of weird and terrifying worlds for tabletop roleplaying games.

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