Keelbreaker Crab (Tome of Beasts II)

My copy of Tome of Beasts II from Kobold Press arrived in the mail today!

Look at that beautiful cover!

You’ll find one of my monsters, the Keelbreaker Crab, in the K section, right between Kaveph and Kelp Eel.

All the art in Tome of Beasts II is sweeeeet. Step up your game WotC!

Keelbreaker Crab

Three figureheads rise from the tattered sails and anchor chain that drape the crab’s carapace. As the behemoth clacks its claws, the maidens depicted on the figureheads begin to wail.

Few monsters strike more fear into the hearts of sailors than the keelbreaker crab. These enormous crustaceans prey on ships caught in shallow water and decorate their shells with the wreckage left behind. Keelbreaker crabs seem drawn to ships carrying magical cargo, as well as to the enchanted, living figureheads that often adorn such vessels.

Living Figureheads. The wails of a keelbreaker’s figureheads drive most who hear them mad. However, a figurehead recovered from a crab might be convinced to reveal the location of a hidden treasure, or even chart a course to the native harbor of the ship it formerly adorned.

Author: niznocspeaks

William Fischer is a creator of weird and terrifying worlds for tabletop roleplaying games.

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