Rufus Ambercomb and Whisperwink’s Prison (Runewild PF2)

What better way to kick off the week than by converting more of the Runewild Campaign Setting from 5E to PF2!

27. Rufus Ambercomb (Level 3)

  • A dwarven druid (as a beast tamer) and his moon bear (as a grizzly bear) companion
  • Hidden pots of magic honey (Magic of the Runewild): DC 18

The tumbledown slabs of an ancient Aosidhe temple serve as the den of a dwarven druid named Rufus Ambercomb. A half-wild thing, Rufus wears nothing but the moss and vines that grow untended in his waist-length beard. His companion, a moon bear named Belle, prides herself as being more civilized than Rufus, but she’s savage in her defense of the dwarf, if needed.

Rufus is the keeper of the Magic Honey Tree (13). PCs who try to convince Rufus they pose no threat to the bees can attempt a Diplomacy check against Rufus’s Will DC 22. Druids and dwarves gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the check. On a success, Rufus becomes helpful and shares the following information:

  • A tribe of goblins used to raid the Magic Honey Tree, but Rufus hasn’t seen the goblins in months. (For more information on the goblins, see 12.)
  • If the PCs seek the thrushkin village of Shadownest (15), Rufus can lead them to the borders of the bird-folk’s territory. However, he warns the PCs the thrushkin aren’t particularly friendly.
  • Rufus is on good terms with the wizard Bormgastor (32) and may ask the PCs to deliver a pot of magic honey to the wizard.

If Rufus suspects the PCs intend to harm the Magic Honey Tree, he gives them one chance to leave the area. If they refuse, or if Rufus catches them in the Runewild again, he and Belle attack the PCs to drive them off.

The interior of Rufus’s den smells of musky earth. Ancient carvings depict moon bears dancing with elves beneath a starlit sky. (These carvings may provide insight into encounter location 54.) A successful DC 18 Perception check to Search uncovers three clay pots filled with magic honey (six uses each) stashed beneath a pile of leaves at the back of the den.

28. Whisperwink’s Prison (Level 0)

  • Whisperwink, a sprite

A hundred paces south of the east-west trail, the party discovers the statue of a kneeling ogre. At first, the ogre appears to be praying, but closer inspection reveals the ogre’s hands are cupped as if he holds something between them. The ogre glances over his shoulder, his face captured in a moment of surprise.

PCs who succeed at a DC 14 Perception check hear from the direction of the statue a high-pitched whisper pleading for help. Characters who investigate further discover a tiny girl with dragonfly wings trapped between the ogre’s hands. The girl, a sprite named Whisperwink, explains the ogre caught her several weeks ago, but something turned the brute to stone before she could escape. Whisperwink begs the party to free her.

Rescuing Whisperwink from her prison is relatively straightforward, although PCs who simply smash the ogre’s hands risk harming Whisperwink in the process. Carefully chipping away the ogre’s fingers does the trick. Returning the ogre to its original state (with a stone to flesh spell or similar magic) also frees Whisperwink. If restored to flesh, the ogre (named Yalthruk) is grateful enough not to attack the PCs on sight. If asked what petrified him, Yalthruk describes a “big lizard with too many legs” (the basilisk from location 14) before he wanders off.

Whisperwink is shy but good-natured. She has a fondness for humanoids, particularly small ones like halflings or gnomes. Even when yelling at the top of her lungs, Whisperwink’s voice hardly rises above a whisper. Her arrows, like those of all sprites in the Runewild, are invisible and curse targets until removed. Replace Whisperwink’s luminous spark Strike with the following:

Ranged [one-action] invisible arrow +8 (range increment 20 feet, reload 0), Damage 1d4 piercing. The target must make a successful DC 12 Will save or become cursed. While cursed, the target is magically silenced (as if by a silence spell). The curse lasts until the target or another creature uses a Seek action and makes a successful DC 12 Perception check to find the invisible arrow and another action to remove it. A successful remove curse spell also ends the curse.

PCs who befriend Whisperwink find her to be a useful source of information. Whisperwink can share the following:

  • To thank them for freeing her, Whisperwink directs the party to the coins buried at Wall’s End (3).
  • Whisperwink’s clan lives in a glade to the east (16). She agrees to accompany the party there, should they wish.
  • Whisperwink doesn’t know what magic petrified the ogre, but she guesses it has something to do with the goblins who serve the Broken King (109).

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