The Maiden’s Inn Massacre (5E Mini-Dungeon)

Two feuding wizards, a retired assassin, a cache of alchemical explosives, and a party of adventurers…what could possibly go wrong?

Check out The Maiden’s Inn Massacre, my latest mini-dungeon from AAW Games, available now at or!


When wizards go to war, it is the common folk who suffer most. But when an aging assassin-turned-innkeeper is also caught in the crossfire, heroes are needed to prevent an all-out massacre. Can the characters negotiate a truce among the opposing factions, or will the stand-off at the Maiden’s Inn end in tragedy? A mini-dungeon adventure for 5 characters of 8th level.

Author: niznocspeaks

William Fischer is a creator of weird and terrifying worlds for tabletop roleplaying games.

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