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Dark Tower Reincarnated

The Kickstarter campaign for the latest in Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated line, Dark Tower, launches today! And it’s off to a great start: as I write this, the campaign is already over 1,700% funded! Of course, that should come as no surprise: originally written in 1979 by the legendary Jennell Jacquays, Dark Tower is one of the foundational adventures of our hobby, right up there with The Village of Hommlet, Into the Unknown, and The Keep on the Borderlands.

The Original 1979 Cover

When Goodman Games approached me to edit the 5E conversion, I jumped at the chance…although, if I’d known how much material Goodman was packing into this project, I might have reconsidered! This thing is going to be absolutely massive. Not only is the original adventure huge (it’s more of a campaign setting than an adventure), but Goodman is expanding the setting with three additional adventures. It’s too soon to know an exact page count, but the final product will have enough adventure to keep your campaign going for months or even years!

Amazing new art by Sanjulian

If you’ve ever wondered where the phrase “jacquaying the dungeon” came from, this is it people! Check it out!

Author: niznocspeaks

William Fischer is a creator of weird and terrifying worlds for tabletop roleplaying games.

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